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15-Goodbye Wilmington

After my boat ride on the Cape Fear river, I took the time to walk around the waterfront area.

Scroll to the bottom of this blog entry to view a map of the downtown area.

Water Street and Boardwalk

Here are some pics of the boardwalk off of Water street and the Boardwalk.


Two of the buildings on Water Street are joined together by a glass wall hallway. On the wall of one the buildings has the signatures of famous actors such as James Earl Jones, Daryl Hannah, Warren Frost (from the TV series Matlock), Rue McClanahan (from the TV series Golden Girl), and others.


Front Street

Front street which is one street over from Water st. which runs parallel.


This is the post office building.


Market Street

Intersecting both Water and Front is Market street.


Church Street

I also took a few pics of the appartement we rented, which is in a historical home located near the corner of Church and Third streets.


The apartment we rented is on the second floor.


Brian had flowers waiting for me when I arrived. :)


The kitchen and living room are on either side of the hallway as you come into the apartment. The door behind the living room is to the second bedroom.



The bathroom and main bedroom are at the end of the hallway.


Map of downtown Wilmington


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14-Cape Fear River boat tour in Wilmington

On our last day in Wilmington, I took a boat tour by myself on the Cape Fear river. (Brian went to watch a tennis tournament at a local university.)

Captain Wendy narrated the tour as the boat went south under the Memorial Bridge to the State Ports. She talked about the history of the WWII Wilmington Ship Yard along with current facts. We saw container ships and tug boats.

Cape Fear is a coastal plain and tidewater region of North Carolina centered about the city of Wilmington. The Cape Fear River watershed is the largest in North Carolina, covering over 9,100 square miles of the U.S. in east central North Carolina. The Cape Fear is the only major river in the state to flow directly into the Atlantic Ocean, entering the ocean near Cape Fear, from which it takes its name. The Port of Wilmington, the busiest port in North Carolina.


These cranes are on wheels and are movable. They are powered by some kind of motor and move very slowly.



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13-Lejeune Memorial Gardens

The Lejeune Memorial Gardens in Jacksonville is home to the Beirut Memorial, Onslow Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, a 9/11 Memorial and the Montford Point Marine Memorial.

The Memorial Gardens are situated near the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune which is a 640 square-km United States military training facility.

Beirut Memorial

The Beirut Memorial is a memorial to the 241 American peacekeepers—220 Marines, 18 sailors, and three soldiers—killed in the October 23, 1983 Beirut barracks bombing in Beirut, Lebanon. The names of each man are engraved in granite along with the words “They Came In Peace.”


Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The Onslow Vietnam Veterans Memorial is dedicated to all men and women who served during the Vietnam War.

From the memorial wall, you take a French style bridge to walk over to the Freedom Fountain. Surrounding the fountain, are glass panels etched with names lists all the names of the fallen.


9/11 Memorial Beam

On the same grounds, there is also a small memorial to firefighters and army who lost their lives in 9/11 and another memorial to local soldiers who lost their lives in the Vietnam war.


Montford Point Marine Memorial

This memorial honours those who "fought for the right to fight".

In Montford Point, NC was segregated training ground from 1942 to 1949 for the nation’s first African-American Marines. The memorial commemorate their historic achievements in the face of racial segregation.


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12-Sneads Ferry

Sneads Ferry

Sneads Ferry is mainly a fishing village. According to Wikipedia, the village annually catches over 385 tons of shrimp, 25 tons of flounder, and approximately 493 tons of other seafood like clams, scallops, oysters, mullet, spot, grouper, soft shell and hard shell crabs, sea bass, and more.


Unique souvenir shops

Sneads Ferry is near the communities on Pleasure Island (see previous post). On route to the area are the most unusual gift shops I have ever seen. The inside is pretty typical. The outside is definitely an attraction in itself!



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11-Surf City and Topsail Beach

Surf City is a town located on Topsail Island which is about 40 minutes drive north of Wilmington. Topsail Island is a 41.8 km long barrier island off the coast of North Carolina. Prior to World War II, Topsail Island was only accessible by boat.

Residents consider their community a bit of a hidden jewel. It is not developed like Carolina beach. It is made up mostly of permanent beach residences and vacation rentals. There are very few commercial enterprises.

There are no boardwalks on the beach, just wooden stairs to get over the dunes. The only "beach houses" that appear to be permitted are ones where there are gaps in the sand dunes.


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10-Carolina Beach

Carolina Beach is a town in New Hanover County, North Carolina. It is part of the Wilmington metropolitan area. It is about 1/2 hour drive south of Wilmington.

The region of Carolina Beach is on a peninsula between Cape Fear river and the Atlantic Ocean. The beach itself is on Pleasure Island which is at the tip of the peninsula - where there are several islands.

It was during the 1940’s that the popularity of Carolina Beach and its reputation as the place to be really took hold. Big bands of the era came here to perform in the Bame Hotel and people came for miles around to enjoy the great seafood in one of the many fine restaurants.

A portion of the boardwalk was rebuilt in 2015. The boardwalk is built on top of the sand dunes. On one side of the dunes is the beach, on the other is the commercial strip.


=====Lunch at Hang Ten Grill=====

As the name suggests, Hang Ten Grill is a casual beach joint with a surfer vibe.


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09-Historic Homes Tour

Historic Homes Tour

Each April during the annual Azalea Festival, the Historic Wilmington Foundation features a showcase of historic homes in Wilmington, NC. The cost of one ticket is $30/person, the profits go to the Historic Wilmington Foundation.

There are 10 houses on the tour, although Brian and I didn't visit all of them. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take pictures inside. (The first photo under each heading is a stock photo.)

Fishblate house (1878) - 318 South Front Street

This two-story home was originally built for Mayor Solomon Fishblate and his wife Laura, on two lots, in 1878. Laura took ill shortly after moving in and died a year later, leading to the sale of the home to Henry Clay McQueen and his wife Agnes in 1880. Henry eventually became Chairman of the Murchison National Bank, People Savings Bank, Bank of Duplin and Director of Jefferson Pilot Life Insurance. The home’s features include a wrap-around porch, double parlor and richly ornamented exterior. The compatible garage was added by current homeowners Kristin and Dean May.


Martin Crouch house (1899) - 520 Dock Street

Built in 1899 for Eugene Stuart Martin, a confederate Captain and Wilmington attorney, the Martin Crouch House was later purchased in 1921 by Dr. Auley McRae Crouch and his wife Minnie Lee McFall who, in addition to living in the home, used it as a pediatric clinic. The couple’s two sons grew up to be pediatricians and they too used the home as both a residence and medical office. It is a Queen Anne style house with touches of Colonial Revival. The current owners are Dr. Drew and Nnenne Terzian.


Annie Winstead house (1927) - 415 Dock Street

This Colonial Revival Style house, with Four¬square elements, was built in 1927 for Annie Har¬rison Winstead, a Wilmington school teacher. Winstead was educated at the Women’s College of the University of North Carolina, and she taught at the old Tileston School on Ann Street for 35 years. The house remained in the Winstead family until 1974. The current owner is Joyce Gerbe.


David Reid Murchison house (1873) - 305 South 3rd Street

This stately Second Empire style home was built for David Reid Murchison in 1873. Murchison was a prominent member of the community and the first president of the Produce Exchange. The home’s most notable detail is its Mansard roof. In 1953 the house was donated to the Episcopal Diocese of East Carolina. Most recently the house has been a Bed and Breakfast. Current owners Sherry and Dr. Ron Demas restored the Mansard roof, tower and front bay window in 2003.


Richard Price house (1840) - 125 South 5th Avenue

This home was built in 1840 for Richard Watts Price a local planter, merchant, and the harbor master for the port of Wilmington. It remained in the Price family until 1924. The Greek Revival home features ten-foot ceilings and heart pine floors. Bob Warren of J. Robert Warren Antiques is the current owner.


William Eckel house (1883) - 701 Chestnut Street

William Eckel, a local chandler, is the earliest confirmed resident of the home now located at 701 Chestnut Street. When it was con¬structed, the home was situated across the street at 619 Chestnut Street and research to date indicates it was moved sometime in the 1980s. Architecturally simple, this charming cottage has a pyramidal roof and full width engaged front porch supported by four square wood columns which lead to a central hall plan. In 1992, the home received a Certificate of Recognition from the Historic Wilmington Foundation for preservation.


Azalea Garden Tour

During the Azalea Festival, there is also a garden tour that is organized by the Cape Fear Garden Club.

The Cape Fear Garden Club Azalea Belles serve as hostesses and guides to the gardens in the area. They wear antebellum attire. Which is a style of clothing worn during the American Civil War (1861 - 1845).

Governor Dudley Mansion (1825) - 400 South Front Street

The name of this house was derived from its original owner, Edward Bishop Dudley (1789-1855). Born in Onslow County, he served as an officer of a regiment that guarded Wilmington during the War of 1812. He moved to Wilmington after the war and began a long career in politics. He was the first elected NC Governor. He, built this historic home in 1825.


Bellamy Mansion (1859) - 502 Market Street

The mansion was built for physician and planter John Dillard Bellamy, his wife, Eliza McIlhenny Harriss, and their nine children on the eve of the Civil War. In 1859, Dr. Bellamy hired James F. Post, an architect in Wilmington to complete the project. Designed with Greek Revival and Italianate styling, this twenty-two room house was constructed with the labor of both enslaved skilled carpenters, and local, freed black artisans.


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08-Old Port and Azalea festival

One of the events at the Azalea festival is a street fair over several blocks in the old port area of Wilmington.

Lots of vendors including Geico Insurance where Brian had his picture taken with their mascot, a gecko.

You can also see the Battleship from the river front.


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06-The Cotton Exchange

At the turn of the century, sailing ships delivered goods from around the world to the Port of Wilmington. Paddle-wheel boats plied the broad Cape Fear River from Southport to Fayetteville. Cotton was king, and one of the largest and busiest cotton export companies in the world was located in Wilmington.

In 1975-76, The Cotton Exchange was the first downtown complex in North Carolina to adapt and utilize existing buildings, serving as an excellent example of local preservation efforts.


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05-Trolley tour of historical district

Brian and I took a commentated trolley tour of the historical district. Here a a few photos and 3 videos that I took.

video 1 (13 min) - https://youtu.be/Rt3LXwuyp8o

video 2 (7 min) - https://youtu.be/Gcy18gosbJM

video 3 (12 min) - https://youtu.be/LNOvcg__W7Y


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07-Azalea Festival Parade

The North Carolina Azalea Festival is an annual celebration in Wilmington and is the largest festival of its kind in the state. It was founded in 1948,

The parade route flows through the heart of Historic downtown Wilmington - a few blocs from the apparent we rented for our vacation.

The parade has various floats, marching units and bands, clowns and a multicultural component - with lamas. Many of the floats have various queens and princesses of various age groups from different smaller festivals (for example: the Blueberry festival). And of course there is also a festival queen: Queen Azalea and her court, the Azalea Festival Princesses.

8-parade-02.jpg8-parade-04.jpg8-parade-05.jpg8-parade-06.jpg8-parade-07.jpg8-parade-08.jpg8-parade-09.jpg8-parade-10.jpg8-parade-11.jpg8-parade-12.jpg8-parade-15.jpg8-parade-17.jpg8-parade-18.jpg8-parade-19.jpg 8-parade-03.jpg8-parade-20.jpg

Some residents have a parade viewing party on their front porch or lawn...


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04-Historial District

Here are the photos that I have taken walking around Wilmington.

Wilmington is a port city. It is located on the banks of the Cape Fear tidal river which flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Past main industries in this area was ship building and other ship related trades as well as the export of cotton. Read more about Wilmington here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilmington,_North_Carolina

The apartment we rented is about a 15 minute walk to the centre of the old downtown. So we are doing LOTS of walking and sightseeing by foot!

My favourite part is all the green trees and flowers!


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03-WWII Battleship: the North Carolina

During World War II, the NORTH CAROLINA participated in every major naval offensive in the Pacific area of operations and earned 15 battle stars. In the Battle of the Eastern Solomon’s in August of 1942, the Battleship’s anti-aircraft barrage helped save the carrier ENTERPRISE, thereby establishing the primary role of the fast battleship as protector of aircraft carriers.

The NORTH CAROLINA was decommissioned 27 June 1947 and placed in the Inactive Reserve Fleet in for the next 14 years. In 1958 the announcement of her impending scrapping led to a statewide campaign by citizens of North Carolina to save the ship from the scrappers torches and bring her back to her home state. The Save Our Ship (SOS) campaign was successful and the Battleship arrived in her current berth on 2 October 1961.

The NORTH CAROLINA was dedicated on 29 April 1962 as the State’s memorial to its World War II veterans and the 11,000 North Carolinians who died during the war.

For more information about the battleship - including crew stories - go to: http://www.battleshipnc.com/about-the-ship/seastories/


Brian wanted me to take this photo with the sign "Pie is a man's dessert".


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02-Arriving in Myrtle Beach (South Carolina)

After leaving Ottawa, I landed at the Newark NJ airport for a layover of an hour an a bit before boarding another plane for Myrtle Beach.


I arrived at the Myrtle Beach airport where where it's nice an sunny. Brian had been in Wilmington North Carolina for three weeks before I arrived. He came to pick me up and we drove to Wilmington


We then had lunch at Art Burger and Sushi by the beach. It was nice to sit on a patio enjoying the warm sun.


Afterwards, we went for a walk on the boardwalk.


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01-Leaving Ottawa

April 1, 2017

It's early morning and its dark out. I had to get up at 3am for a 6:30am flight. (beurk!)


It snowed overnight. You can see the now on the ground at the airport.


I also took pics of the grounds crew de-icing the plane. They have about 4-5 workers for each plane, spraying the wings and tail.


The green stuff you see is the deicing liquid that was sprayed on the plane. It leaves the plane with take off because of the wind.


Once above the clouds, the sky is clear and you can see the sunrise.


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